Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Heart....

It was the weirdest of dreams.

I found myself having to go for a heart operation. And I had this donor who was willing to donate half her heart to me. The transfer went well and it was the most heart warming experience -- to know that someone whom Ive never met before was willing to donate part of her heart to me. But when i woke up, I felt confused.

Could it be a warning for what might happen as a result of all the McDonald's Extra Value Meals Ive had during this exam period?

Could the dream be telling me the difference I can make in someone else's life as an organ donor -- by putting myself in the shoes of the recipient?

Or am I suppose to reflect upon my dream literally..... That there's someone out there whom Ive never met before who is willing to give me half her heart should I need it most one day.

...... But i think it's meant to take my mind off school and papers.... 2 more hurdles to go.

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TheHoopoe said...

You are just over-stressed and your mind wonders to impossible realities.

Look .. I have to write my thesis in 3 days (reading 20 books in between for it). Submit it tomorrow. Have to defend it in class on Thursday.

But there is always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel ... Will be at the beaches of Santa Monica in LA, and Hollywood by Friday for a week! Maybe I can get a job there ... hahahah ...

Power of positivism!