Friday, November 21, 2008

After 3 long weeks..... FINALLY!

3 of what seemed to be the longest of weeks have finally come to pass. And never have I felt so deserving of a break for I believed i did the best i could for my first five papers. Of course i would have done things alot differently if i had the powers of a precog -- one who can see the future. Or if i had the ability to bend time and space and teleport a couple of months back. I just miss watching television (over the internet) without feeling guilty.

While i'm waiting for episodes of Heroes to stream, I googled "easy NTU electives" to have some rough idea as to which are the easiest of them all, those that are non-examinable, MCQs, or project-based. Sadly though, no one writes about "NTU electives one can get an A in" ... which means that ive gotta go with my intuition.

2 Arts, 1 Biz, 1 Science and 3 unrestricted electives.

For Arts, Mind over Stress, Are you OK? Mental health, What is Cinema?, Fictional film: From Hollywood to Bollywood, Media in America and Fundamentals of Communication studies seemed the most attractive of the lot. But i heard that there'll be lots of writing and film reviews. So how should i choose?

Biz's so not my cup of tea. Accounting, Principles of marketing, Fundamentals of Business Law and Fundamentals of Management seemed useful but which one is easier?

Science.... I've had enough of science but Cyber Security, Astronomy and Spatial Info Science seemed the least scienc-ey of em all. Heard that though it's fun, ive gotta memorise the stars and constellations and what not... which will neutralise the fun-ness in it.

As for the unrestricted electives, there's an array of electives to choose from: Among which are Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Children's Literature, Studies in Malay Music, Basic Counselling Skills, Motivating pupils to learn, Chinese Level 1 and Spanish Level 1.

Spanish might be useful in future on days i wear my mexico jersey. Ive attracted my second Mexican - who's doing a Masters in something. It's as if they see family whenever they see anything Mexican. And it seems that Mexicans dun speak Mexicano but rather, Spanish. So who noes. At least they dun have confusing strokes for words, unlike Chinese or Japanese.

And there's also a minor in Education seems fun. No exams, but rather it's assessed more on project works, collaboration, and problem based learning.

And of course there's the issue of bidding that Ive not really experience before - this being my first semester - so it helps to know what u want in case u fail to get ur first choice. :)

3 more episodes of Heroes to go. More entries to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi,can I ask you whether this module easy to get A for someone with no film art experience? Can I just mug textbook?

marzuki said...

Hi there. What module does "this module" refer to? Im confused.