Thursday, November 13, 2008

The first and second hurdle...

My foot got stuck at the very first hurdle. I fell pretty bad but one has just got to get back up quickly and move on.

The second hurdle was cleared cleanly but the thing with econs is if i somehow got my logic wrong, there goes my marks. Nevertheless, i m glad that not all of the effort i had put in went down the drain.

Monday's hurdle is Computing: Im looking forward to it. Wednesday's Physics and Friday's Chemistry. And then i can breathe easy...

University is really no joke. It's tough.

Went over to NIE with some friends for lunch and for some final recap of econs and one can just feel that it's in a different world altogether. Time seem to pass at a slower speed and students seemed generally happier and relaxed.

Could the grass really be greener on the other side?


Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,

From wat I know abt NIE from huby is that the initial semesters are very relaxing..but later they will put all the most difficult and challenging modules among the last the students will kanchong and panicky more on their last year...which may be more worse, cos u may not truly prepared for it..and that may cost u the grades..Anyhow...all the best for your coming exams...but at the same time, pls balance it by looking after yourself we know in Islam everythg we do, its best to do in moderation - balance. Murni

marzuki said...

Thanks! It might be the case that the most challenging and difficult modules will be last ... But i just have this feeling that should i remain where i am.... it'll be much tougher than that.

But each time i think of running away to NIE or SIM, I know that im just trying to escape -- wanting to go for the seemingly easier option. So i try to push on.

But each time i push on, i just dunnoe if i can last till the end. LIke i dun think im up for it.

Bila stressed, ive stopped to smell some roses but after smelling em, it just come back.

Lucky ive got ample training in managing stress! HAHA! Kalau tak dah lama dah emotional breakdown. Haiz... but each time i feel this horrible, i'll just tell myself that if i really want to be somebody successful, i just have to persevere.

Air pun ada pasang surutnye, rite?

TheHoopoe said...

One person missing the whole point, and the other, is simply ... emo.

Anyway - the grass is always perceived to be greener on the other side - BUT - it is this grass right now, right here, that will make the difference.