Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome 22

"I turn twenty and i wish that i can find someone i can share my stories with."

"Peaceful and quiet 21st. I like it subtle."

And now I'm 22. It's still as peaceful and quiet - and yes I'm still wishing that I can find someone I can share my stories with. Nothing awesome, yet. Writing on my birthday never fails to give me a rough indication of how much Ive changed since then. So tonight, I shall write to the 23 year old me who'll most probably be reading this in a year's time.

Dear me,
Turning 22 feels like the day we turned 21. And 20. Birthdays are still like any other ordinary days. This time around though, when I read wishes after wishes of Happy Birthday, I just cant help but be happy about it. A year older would probably mean a step closer to her. But for some reason, Ive this weird feeling that you'll be typing the exact same thing on 2 October 2010. We shall see how long you'll stay the shy quiet extremely optimistic idealistic dreamer guy that you are now.
Hope things go well from now till then. If it doesnt, there's always next year and the year after. (:


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, i know lah sooo many people asked if i've wished you or not. so yah, happy belated 2 days ago birthday abang. may you find my sister in law some time soon. even though we may not be as close as how siblings are supposed to be, i still love you hor. all the best in whatever you do in the future endeavours. study hard, so you'll earn big bucks and then i can stop working. haha :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Happy birthday :)
You're an amazing writer by the way!

marzuki said...

To my sister, I choose to think we're as close a sibling as we can be - we just choose to be close in a different, less open, less obvious and more secretive way. But that doesnt mean we dont respect and love each other. (And it's weird talking via my blog comment)

But I guess we're just like dad who showed his love for us in his own way. I'm sure he'll be happy with things the way they are. And pray hard that I find ur sister in law soon. haha.

To cairo, thanks. It means alot to me. You're awesome yourself! (:

Akhila said...

I think birthdays always make me introspective too -- I always like to write down my thoughts and reflections of how I've grown in the past year. I like to look back on previous years and see how much I've changed for the better!