Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

"Will looks ultimately be the deciding factor for a guy when it comes to deciding if she's the one?" This was a question asked by a friend yesterday.

I was watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs this afternoon and found out that the answer is NO. Brian fell in love with Abby not because of how she looks, but for the things she says while she's on air, their telephone conversations, listening to her playing the violin every morning over the phone, him reading a book to her over the phone every night.......

.... not her beauty.

However, Janeane Garofalo -the actress that played Abby - wasn't too bad herself. So really, will looks be a deciding factor?

I told her that it wont. The other guys had their own views. My recent entries are labelled "sweet distractions". The group discussion started from my telling the tale of "The guy who has not said hi to a couple of someone in class despite the passing of 8 weeks" to one person. His name is Abby. He is self-conscious. He might not beautifully attractive but he knows he is simply attractive.


TheHoopoe said...

This is great! I dont know if it was for class or personal, but you are beginning to "enter" into my world by watching/reading these stuff ... Amelie, Truth about Cats and Dogs, Like Water for Chocolate ... interesting stuff :)

marzuki said...

Amelie and Like Water for Chocolate are for class - An Introduction to Magical Realism. The Truth About Cats and Dogs was a movie I happen to watch.

I'm giving The Tempest a miss though. It's one text I find impossible to read.

Random Student said...

Got to watch this because I love both Janean and Uma the time it was shown in theaters. My judgment of the physical is being shaken lately. The cliche that underneath the outer layer of us all is the real deal is becoming clearer to me each day.

marzuki said...

Hey there Random Student,

The cliche is pretty clear to me too. But I guess it all depends on what one ultimately wants. Even though i noe what i want, it's still a blur boundary.