Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fish in the Sea

The point is,
you’re the best guy I know. You’ll
get over her.

I think it's kinda like what they say...there’s
plenty other fish in the sea.


(unsure) They say that.

Well they’re lying. I don't want to get over her.
I want to get her back.

I've just watched 500 days of Summer and boy do I not like that show. This movie certainly didnt help make me feel better - but it did made me think about some of the things that I've deliberately chose to not think about. I've been meaning to write something about it (the movie, and stuffs like that) but writing mood has yet to come knocking on my door. Anyways, a familiar name said hi to me as I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed late this night. The name reminded me of countless hours I spent thinking about it .... and it also reminded me about the countless hours I'm currently spending thinking.

His Summer came one June. And went as soon as it came. And as soon as it left, along came Autumn. He remembers writing the following that June:

Some do leave you with a pretty sweet impression. Many did. Many could still do.

But should one ever decide if the impression left is the sweetest? Or should one simply wait for the next sweet impression.... and then the one after that... and ...

And true enough, Autumn walked into the lecture room one August wearing something red. But could Autumn be just another Summer?

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