Monday, December 21, 2009

The One

I'm one of those who spends only on needs. I hardly spend on anything I want. Never on impulse. But yesterday was different. I was killing time at the bookstore - looking around, reading cards, reading faces. And somehow, I ended up at the notebook section.

She caught my eye. Unlike the others, she wasn't wrapped in clear plastic - probably removed by an inconsiderate customer. And I'm sure that she must've been caressed and flipped open and close countless times - seeing how pretty, beautiful and vulnerable she was. However, there's something about her that words just can't explain. I guess I could say was drawn in by her beauty - her inner beauty. Like others before me, I picked her up. She was soft, smooth and velvety - unlike any others I've seen and touched. The feeling's definitely lovely. And many others before me, I too flipped it open and close - thrice.

She was unlike any other notebooks I've seen where all I could see are a couple hundred blank pages with lines. With her, however, I could see myself in my room, lying on the couch that doubles up as my bed, staring at her empty pages thinking about all the lovely things that I could write - and then eventually writing it. I guess I should probably let you know I've been toying with the idea of writing a story of a boy meets girl - two complete opposites who were simply made for each other.

But then again, maybe I should write that story with no particular ending in mind. I shall write it as it happens. As of now, it's shall be about a boy who grew up believing that he’d never be truly happy until he met “the one”. He's finally met "the one" (or so he thinks), and he asks himself: What's next? And you should also probably know upfront that this may, or may not, be a love story.

I'm glad I picked her up - the notebook. I then looked at the price tag - $14.50. Hmmmm... I ran my fingers across the cover of the book again. I flipped it open and close again. This time, I saw a couple hundred pages filled with my messy scribbles. A couple hundred pages of my story - a story I hope I could read soon.

I walked over to the cashier. I asked if I could get my hand on a brand new copy of the notebook only to be told she's the only one left. I smiled.

"I guess you and I, we're just destined to be together." I knew I've found the one. I knew she's the one.

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