Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Moment of Brilliance


I've not been here coz I'm there this past couple of days so forgive me if my writing's a little weird - my head is tuned in to CreativeWriting FM right now.

I'd like to share with you one moment of "brilliance" that I had yesterday during a conversation with someone whom never fails to gift me a wonderful conversation - to illustrate how I'm tuned in to CreativeWriting FM. And if i may add, it was on msn. I don't think I'm one who can carry a real life conversation well. Anws, back to THE moment of "brilliance" of the year.

Someone was feeling stupid and down. And i told her she's being stupid for feeling stupid and I also told her something like:

"Hey, you better not crumble ey? It's ok to be disappointed, but do not crumble. Move on. I could move on from Cinderella to Little Red Riding Hood but you... you could move on from the cute guy to Prince Charming."

Deep down I knew my story isnt the same as hers - for neither Cinderella nor Little Red Riding Hood knew of my existence. But that story belongs in a different story - not this present one. I secretly wondered what could top Prince Charming, just in case a similar day came, when something or someone whispered in my right ear.

I then typed, "I've got a nice piece of poetry for you... Hold on."

(..I walked over to The Spiral Stairwell)

"When you come to something, stop to let it past. So that you can see what else is there.

One love may hide another love or the same love. As when 'I love you' suddenly rings false and one discovers, The better love lingering behind.

Those are lines from this super long piece called
One Train May Hide Another by Kenneth Koch."

Wonderful eh?

And on a different note, I just wrote a piece of nothing that could be something one day (I shall keep on dreaming) over at The Spiral Stairwell. So check it out yea? There's a link above. I feel like writing a lovely Fiction soon.

So please do remember,
If I'm not here,
I'm there -
The Spiral Stairwell
- where the boring interesting Litty stuffs dwell

Hmmm.. Now all I need some music and I'll have my very first jingle! Haha! Happy Holidays!


anisah said...

is the spiral stairwell yours??

marzuki said...


This was my first post there - before it got hidden under the stack of poems. Curious though as to your question. Couldnt you tell it's me? Haha.