Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Glass Ceilings

If he's right, I guess I've got a small mind coz all I like to discuss about is people. I may have all these "great" ideas but what good are ideas when you don't understand people. Yet another day gone by trying to understand people - the way they think, why they think the way the think, why they act the way they act.

Is there really a glass ceiling imposed on us? You know, the elusive ceiling that limits dreams. Or did we impose our own glass ceiling that impedes our own progress? Forget about big ideas, I shall begin by studying people. My people. My community. Only then will I talk about trying to demolish the two ceilings.

Dear 1st of July,
Please take a 4 months vacation, or something.


yuying said...

you should be taking psychology man!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I love this quote! Although I must say I do all 3, so what does that make me?

marzuki said...

That makes u better than Eleanor? Hahaha!