Monday, May 10, 2010

The Love

I do not know what's gotten over me this past few days. Wellll, maybe I do but I simply refuse to believe it is what it is. But how do I know it is what it is? What if it isn't?

But one could also ask me, "What if it is?"

As days turn to weeks, as weeks turn to months and as months turn to years, this feeling I'm feeling keeps growing stronger and stronger. Too strong that I'm afraid I might do something wrong... and then all of this will be gone. A couple of days ago, I left a comment on a blog hoping to make a tiny difference. The writer wanted a fresh perspective on relationship - to help out a friend in need. And in it, plenty of advice for me.

I wrote:

"Are you ready?

This is a yes or no question in my opinion. Are you ready to get dumped by the guy knowing how guys are when they see someone better? Are you ready to dump him should he not be as he used to be during courting? Are you ready to learn things about him that might make you think twice abt ur decision to commit urself to e rs? Are you ready for the worst?

These are among the things that I think individuals should ask themselves before starting a rs. A rs isnt something that needs to be rushed. There's ample time to get to know someone a little bit better WITHOUT having [to be in a relationship].

If you need a year to think about it, tell the guy, "You're nice. And i think i like you. I think I like you maybe, probably. But give me a year. Are you willing to wait [one] year?" ..and if u really do this, PLEASE do not suddenly get attached to some other guy and leave your nice guy hanging. That's evil.

There's no reason to rush into a relationship. Personally, I believe that relationship blossoms over time. No matter how far 2 individuals may be, no matter how long the guy may take to win the girl's heart, if two individuals are meant to be, they're meant to be.

Never jump into one no matter what the circumstances may be, k? Pray and seek guidance from Him. I pray that both you and your friend do not get hurt by this silly little thing called love. Insyaallah."

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kokhow said...


well in e dictionary love defines it as feeling which often many of us do cause' 'feeling' is like a dope which often makes us high.

however why not change to a new perspective that love is a 'choice'? doesn't it makes more sense than merely base on feeling which doesn't last a couple of years or less? is a commitment which makes ye choose rather than an slave to 'feeling' which often won't last?

i define love in e dictionary as obsessive of love which usually doesn't last more than 2 years but it depends if not otherwise.

take it or leave it!!

God is love that's how a human relationship can last eternity. love does not embrace evil which includes jealousy, love does not seek for self pleasure which include a returned love. love keeps no record of wrong!! haha. it might not sound rationale to ye well up to individuals to believe yea. haha. i would say being a mere human is hard to achieve that but is possible!!

huhuh!! a rare visitor looking at ye blog ye must be wondering why huh? hehe~