Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes... Part 3

Sometimes, the mind asks too many questions. Why arent the Malays doing as well as the others? Why are we weaker in Maths and Science? Why do some Malays perform better than others? Where do the faults lie?

I have asked some of my peers these same questions, yet time and time again I still ask these same peers these same old questions. I ask in the hopes of obtaining a different reaction. I ask despite knowing the wrath I might incur. I know it can be irritating but I'm just stubborn. And I guess it's okay to incur the wrath of your peers knowing that they will forgive you some day some how. But if they don't, then you're probably living a cursed life and it's about time you realize you need to learn how not to behave with the next new close peers you make.

Or sometimes, the mind should just learn how to stop asking questions and just be like normal people and talk about normal things. Life will definitely be a lot simpler and easier that way. This is stupid.


ping said...

heyy ali!
"Why arent the Malays doing as well as the others? Why are we weaker in Maths and Science? " caught my eye.

dont think it's stupid to ask. i ask tt sometimes too! my fren is doing abt this topic for her fyp, to find out how the education system is unequal. if ure interested, u cld be her respondent. (: just sms me.

but anyway, it may be part socialisation, part institution. socialisation like why are girls weaker in Maths & Science? institution like asians & blacks would be weaker in the states.
just my opinion! and i object to stop asking questions! the mind should learn how to be calm and still when need be, but stopping it from asking questions can be dangerous. (:

sooorrryyy for the uber long comment, cant help myself! wahahaha!


marzuki said...


I don't think it's stupid to ask too! Haha. Though sometimes, there really isnt any answer. But I really want to find that answer!

Feel free to comment. The longer the better! (: