Monday, May 24, 2010

Superheated Brothers

Yesterday was a long day. Upon reaching home, my brothers asked if I knew Thermodynamics - steam table, superheated vapour, saturated water and the likes. "Nope, I never learnt," I replied as I put my stuffs in my room.

Later I found out that they couldn't do any of the six questions and according to them, they've been at it for hours. They were about to call it a day but I told them to push on. And naturally, that would mean that I've got to push on with them.

I began by asking each of them to explain the meanings of certain terms and formulas. Their ability to explain to a newbie like me tells me that they do know their stuffs. I then put my awesome Googling ability to the test and stumbled upon worked examples.

We attempted all 6 questions in 3 hours. It was the first time in a long long time that I actually sat through their homework with them. It was also their first time doing school work till 1am. I believe that all kids need is someone to guide them when they're feeling helpless and lost. I hope that by helping them to understand those 6 questions without having any prior knowledge of the topic, it'll show them that school is not all that difficult. All they need is to try harder.

If only I practice what I preach.

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