Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fear of Hurting Others

I believe today, I've discovered yet another fear of mine - the fear of hurting the feelings of others.

And a quick google tells me it might be a psychological problem. Constant reflections of mine and the desire to improve myself could very well be "obsessional thoughts". Could I be suffering from mild obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Sighs I really hope not.


Khairyn said...

Thanks for the quote. (: Constant reflections and the desire to improve are indeed good-- something that we as humans tend to overlook doing. The fear of hurting others' feelings could just mean you are sensitive to the feelings of others which is *applauds* in fact, commendable too. However, moderation is the way to go in life. Islam teaches moderation to the people as well. So anyways yepp, don't doubt yourself, it all boils down to one thing-- niat. If your niat is good, insyaAllah He will reward you with the goodness you deserve. Btw, your blog is a wonderful read. :D

marzuki said...

Funny you mentioned niat.

Innamal a'malu binniyat (indeed all actions are based on the intentions). This hadith was shared by a speaker during a short workshop that I attended a couple of days ago. He reminded us that in all matters, it really boils down to intentions. Thanks for reinforcing what Ive learnt.

If indeed I'm suffering from a disease that makes me afraid of hurting others, then I guess it's a disease I should be thankful for.

Thanks Khairyn! Do me a favour by reminding me if my entries are starting to bore. Haha!

Khairyn said...

Wow, he/she must have been a very good speaker huh. Hahha if you insist, sure I will, though I know you wouldn't be needing any reminders. See you on court soon! :D