Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Time Traveller

Results are out and it disturbs me that top students are crying over their grades and I.... I'm just thankful I came out of it alive.

Perhaps I'm one of those guys who have small dreams. One who just wanna be in this world as though he's a traveller. Afterall, we're not gonna be in this world for long. I think about the past, wonder about the future and everything else in between and I ask myself, what's my purpose in life.

Watching The Time Traveller's Wife made life seem short. One moment ure in 1995 and the next moment, u find yourself lying on the floor with a bullet in your stomach breathing your last few breaths. So am I living life as it should be lived?

I don't know. I don't even know if I think about the right things! I wonder if people my age ask themselves the same questions that I do.

And Happy Birthday Adik. Your sacrifices will never go unnoticed. You gotta wait a little longer for that Coach or LV bag that you wanted. And in time, it's your turn to relax and my turn to support. In a year's time, insyaallah.

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