Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year. Same me.

A new year. A new day. A new post.

I shall not reminisce the past. I shall not look into the future. I shall write as I always do. It'll be like any other post. The date's different but everything else remains the same.

Today I ask myself why my entries sound so utterly depressing. I've been reading entries after entries written by friends who used to be strangers and strangers who will one day be my friends. Maybe. Who knows. These entries of theirs never fail to make me smile, chuckle, even laugh. One just can't help but feel the warmth and love in these entries. But whenever I re-read my entries, I get the gloomy feel. You do, don't you?

Yet once in a while, I receive positive comments and that tells me that I'm doing some things right. Right? Right. (:


Anonymous said...

Hi! I chanced upon your blog one day while googling Magical Realism (took the module this 10/11 semester) and thought your entries are interesting and quite insightful. Perhaps emotive would be a better word choice than depressing, because despite you saying that your entries seem gloomy, they're simultaneously hopeful :) Do continue writing, you're definitely doing a good job at it.


marzuki said...


Thanks for the compliments. I hoped my entries helped you somewhat and I really wish you all the best for Magical Realism! Perhaps emotive is indeed the better word choice as it covers a whole range of feelings. haha. Thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi again :)

Oh you're welcome. They definitely helped with my revision for the exam, thank you for putting your thoughts/analysis online and making it accessible. Prof Bede Scott's classes are always a joy to attend, so that helped too.

Thanks once again!


marzuki said...

Hey there! Welcome back!

Ayu, Ive a question. Exactly where were you between 1998 and 2001? It sounds like your in two countries at the same time. I'm pretty sure that only happens in Hogwarts.

Okay another question. That's a long list of schools that you went to. Are they for real?

OH btw, I OH-SO-FELL-IN-LOVE with the pic of the fruit tarts in your post from the year 2020. Goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Hey back atcha!

Haha, oh you take me too seriously! Though I do hope that one day science has advanced to the stage where I can be at many places at one time (oh, the endless possibilities!). Hogwarts and Shinhwa are places that exists in... my own head, whereas Seoul National University is pretty much the college I'd like to do an exchange programme at! HAHA. I must have confused you quite abit, sorry about that! Everything else is pretty much accurate though :D

And thank you for visiting my lj and being generous with your compliments! That particular picture was taken a really long time ago, and the stuff I bake are really quite modest ^^ Perhaps it's the way the pictures were taken that made them seem especially appetizing!

marzuki said...

The policy has always been to believe first, and when in doubt, ask. But I don't think I've ever asked if grass is really really green or how memories and feelings affect the day to day life of a dog! And here I describe myself as a dreamy thinker. You just took thinking to a whole new level.

And I'm surreeee it's really just the pictures that made them look yummy. Cameras these days have the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary. With regards to food, my policy has always been "It's not tasty until proven tasty". But im a sucker for good-looking stuffs.

Sigh. Now you just made me wish school starts real soon. I kinda miss the giant fruit tarts at Quads.

Anonymous said...

I like your policies, they're really quite nifty, hahaha. Oh I tend to let my mind wander unguarded most of the time, making it seem like I'm staring into space or even worst, mistaken as being too intense. I'd like to think that I'm putting inquiry-based learning to good practice, and not merely restraining it to within my field of study (ie. science). So.. I tend to write about the things I ponder about in hope that someone out there will have answers for me :)

Oh, I'm superficial that way too.. Pretty, shiny, new things are always physically appealing.

Haha, do be careful what you wish for though! ;) The new semester begins in about 2 weeks (drats!) and then you can have fruit tarts every other day. I heard quite a number of people have taken a liking to the fruit tarts there, maybe I should get some for lunch one day. ^^