Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you wait for eventually...

"Why wait for eventually? If you have something to say, you should say it right now."

Dear Alexa,

Sometimes certain people wait for eventually to see if she's really really really "The One". Because it's always best to say something only when you're truly truly truly ready and that's eventually. And when eventually comes and she isn't with anyone, she's gonna be the one. But if she is, then she isn't. Complex? Well that's what certain complex people believe in.

And when it turns out she's with someone, they'll feel a little bit sucky at first coz it'll mark the end of a story. But they'll be all fine and cheery coz it only means that a new story awaits.

Such certain people also try their best not to think about the "what-might-have-been"s if they had stumbled upon your video a year earlier... and said something then rather than eventually. Dwelling on the past isn't what we do. We quickly learn and move on. But, you're too young to understand. One day you will.

Be a good girl. I can tell that your dad loves you. Love him too.

From your #1 fan,

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