Sunday, August 31, 2008

How competitive are you?

Clearly, to make it on the pitch, one must be good. Even good players get benched. Rooney's definitely one who's never shy of showing his frustration when substituted or left at the bench. He's one who wants to be there to help the team win especially when they're down by a goal or two. He runs around chasing for the ball and falls back to help the team defend even though as a striker, he does not need to do that. That's how competitive he is but how competitive am I?

It's been a long while since i ran. Playing full matches for several teams really did help improve my game. By a lot. The vision. The passes. The running. The confidence. The first touch. And without them, plotting the drop in stamina and form against time since your last run would result in an exponential curve decreasing at a scary rate.

So I better shape up unless i wanna be shipped to Hull City. Heard they're looking at 20 year old Frazier Campbell.

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TheHoopoe said...

Hey ... you could get great training here in Boulder. Did I mention that our school stadium is way bigger than National Stadium? We even have an indoor track.

Even if you are not running/cycling/training or the like - maneuvering the hills and boulders everywhere - plus the high mountain altitude, will keep you real fit!