Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear abang.....

I will remember you.

Still remember the day u asked me if i see u as a friend and i said yes. But u said u don't. It wasnt really the answer i wanted to hear but what u said did made sense. Lots of things u did didnt made sense at first. But i guess things have gone a long way since then.

Still remember the day u told me that u'll miss me but i didnt say like wise coz i dun noe why but i just do not say the things they want to hear. But people who noe me can hear my thoughts aloud and i noe ure one of those that could... most of the time. Just like how im able to read u most of the time.

Still remember the day u asked me if i wanted to give u a hug but i didnt coz i dun noe why but i just dont do the things that i want to do. And this is something that im improving on. I'll give u a hug when u come back, insyaallah.

Though we remain close so long as we're in each others prayers and that it's just a temporary seperation of physical time, distance and place, i just cant seem to ignore the fact that it still means ure not here.

Why do you have to be so nice, be so close yet go so far? But i hope that one day i'll get to feel what it's like studying overseas.... You've changed my perception on so many things.

I will miss you. I will remember you. You will always be in my prayers.

My dear Abang.


Anonymous said...

Of course we will always remember him...your song and your entry bring me back to my teary episode from the Changi Airport just now...watching him waving goodbye was very hard indeed...But as you said...we will be in each others' prayers always Insya Allah. He gave my hubby a hug and I woulldd like to see thaut as a hug to all of us here ....

TheHoopoe said...