Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day of school...

This is the morning of my second day of school. Though lecture starts at 230, i decided to start my day early. My day ended slightly prematurely yesterday coz i fell asleep waiting for my notes to be printed.

Lectures didnt seem too bad. Basically, they're just telling us the things we should have already known and if u dun really remember, it's time to start revising. The bulk of first year is a revision of what we've learnt in jc like electricity, magnetism and quantum physics, complex numbers, integration and differention and their applications just to name a few. To know very well what we learnt for 1 year in jc into 4 uni months. On top of that, there are also subjects that are totally brand new like Principles of Economics and Computing.

So i guess it's all about how one manages his time revising the old stuff as well as studying the modules that are fairly alien. And also how much memory the brain has. Hope mine's running on a 4GB RAM.

It helps knowing who are the people u wun want to disappoint as this will drive you to put in just that little bit more effort. I used "just that little bit more effort" coz after all, it's really up to him.

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