Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Efficiency is the property of society getting the most it can from its scarce resources. Making the 'pie' bigger so that everyone can have a share.... so that more people can benefit from it.
Equity on the other hand is the property of distributing economic prosperity fairly among the members of society. Everyone gets an equal share. Keyword is fair, equal, share.

I once said that there's no difference in making my Thursday free. Either i come to school early on Thursday or I come to school early on Monday. Freeing thursday simply means making monday busier. I thought i was happy with my timetable.

Then one event leads to another and now im free to plan my thursdays. Its really about efficiency. Didnt make sense then but it does now thanks to Economics. In monetary terms, it saves me $4 being transport fares. In non-monetary terms, the 3 hours that i would travelling to school can now be used to read up notes, relax, give tuition etc.

But it might mean that ive gotta sleep early on Sunday and endure a long day on Monday. But i know these are just one of those tradeoffs involved when making a decision. Influence of others on you alters your perception on various aspects in life.

I was walking around at the cca fair and approached this guy from this club asking him about how the club works, and other relevant questions. The sessions end at 10pm and that would mean i'll reach home at 11plus. Ive got to reschedule one of my tuition slots. Do the benefits of joining the club outweigh the fact that those hours can be used to study, do tutorials etc?

The guy did tell me that if i think im busy, he's doing a double degree, has 10 more aus than me and is involved in other activities as well. Critics would say that that's because he's a smart guy who can afford to juggle so many things and do still able to do so well. He's chinese and chinese are gentically smarter.

So this leads to the last question, do i have such amazing ability?

While emptying the pockets of my pants, i removed the flyer which he passed to me. I was wondering why i wonder too much in this entry and this line answered that thought pretty well,

"Your potential is limited only by how many excuses you have."


On a Jetplane said...

I dont agree with all the things that you said: for example about the chinese - but that's for another day.

Importantly, about the last quotation: I found a super-relevant entry from a fantanstic blog entitled: There is no Road - except for the ones that you make. You should read it:

marzuki said...

The part about the chinese isnt what i said, it's what "critics" said.I believe that everyone has the potential to be successful. But asking myself if i have the ability only shows that i hv still not truly believe in myself...

The quote pretty much says it all. I limit my own potential by giving too much excuses.And therefore i should stop doing so forthwith.

And The entry u referred is like the reason why i should stop giving excuses, "Look, there is no road unless you yourself make the path as u walk. And when u look back, its something u will never travel on again."

And the last verse left an impact. "Only foam trails on the sea." Here i was thinking about walking on a road and somone's talking about walking on the sea.

My cognitive schemata has once again been altered.