Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new Edventure and STARS

im beginning to see stars. One of the things that's good to noe is that u can control of how many days u want to attend school, whether or not to be in the same group as ur friends or to go ur own way and make new friends. Or should u go and find out which tutorial group she is in so that u can be friends with her. What if u changed from 19 to some other group and she ends up in 19? That'll surely affect ur mood for the rest of the semester!

For those worried that ive already been distracted only on my 2nd day, dun worry. The above's in respect of a friend of mine who seems pretty distracted by a girl he saw since day one. My advice to him is, if it's written somewhere that ur paths will cross, it will cross. Just wait for the day to come. And while waiting, revise and complete the tutorials.

No wonder they said school's fun.

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