Sunday, October 5, 2008

Etrack, rising electricity tariffs, inflation...

"An Energy Consumption Tracker (ECT) is being developed by a local company, Bridex Harwal Pte Ltd, with support from NEA. The ECT can track the real-time energy consumption of key energy-consuming appliances in the home and display energy consumption information in kilowatt-hours and dollar value. It can also display households' monthly energy consumption for the past 12 months, which can enable households to track the effectiveness of their energy conservation efforts in reducing their overall energy consumption."

This is definitely a good innovation that caught my eye while reading Friday's Newpaper -- especially when households are expected to pay more a month for electricity due to the increase in electricity tariffs by 5 cents/kWh.

While watching the F1 night race, my mum said something about how we'll end up paying for the electricity used to light up the track during the night race.

This might explain the increase in tariffs despite falling crude-oil prices. But then again, there's this concept of forward fuel-oil prices which Ive yet to comprehend. I do not want to be like the many who're too tired to figure all the technical stuffs and end up paying whatever amount that's written on the bill.

I'm starting to feel that the value of my dollar slowly decreasing. Felt it when i saw that the price of McSpicy EVM's now $6.55(without upsize). Is this what they call inflation?

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