Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glad P1 is over

First speech went well and i was surprised i had zero erms, ahs, hmmm..... Im a pretty fluent speaker. I have been forcing myself to just speak fluently ever since the day i tried to "verbalise my thought" -- irregardless of whether or not i make any sense. With fluency, I believe the next step is to talk with more sense as well as conviction.

I was also surprised my evaluator found me humorous for i believed i was far from it. I just do not see myself being humorous. I like me to sound cool, calm and composed -- like Gaurav Keerthi or Ashraf Safdar who were judges for the game show, The Arena.

But nevertheless, now that ive got this one over and done with, I'll build on my voice and my reliance on notes. Ive got next week's oral presentation on slimming pills that I could work on. After all this who know's, i might end up reading the news one day. (Are they well paid?)

Anyways, I got back home late and was i glad to hear one of the twins got first in class. The other came in a distant 15th. Really glad that they're coping well with their studies despite me not intervening-- except those times when they encountered tedious maths questions. My mum mustve be feeling very proud and happy. I know i am.

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