Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Jewel Of Medina

Was browsing through BBC's website and an article about this book caught my eye. Reading through the prologue, I must say that it is indeed a nice piece of literature that actually brought my mind to the desert, riding on a horse, listening to conversations.....

But reading and re-reading the names of prominent figures, it made me feel a little annoyed and frustrated. Really, what is the purpose of author Sherry Jones when writing this piece of literature?

I just have this feeling that this book will be to many what The Da Vinci code was to some.

US Professor of History and Middle Eastern Studies, Denise Spellberg, who said the book was a disrespectful mis-representation of history, wrote in the Wall Street Journal: "I used my scholarly expertise to assess the novel. It was in that same professional capacity that I felt it my duty to warn the press of the novel's potential to provoke anger among some Muslims."

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