Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wisdom might not be a wise thing to wish for...

I had asked for wisdom when i turned 21 but i never thought it would come in the form of a tooth. Boy it sure does hurt. Finally explains why my head's been feeling some pain this past few days.

Yes ive been doing school work but im definitely sure it wasnt the cause of it. Heard that plucking it out would cause severe pain and headaches and swelling and even complications if the dentist isnt skilled. So now would definitely not be the right time to do remove it. There's oral presentation in 2 weeks and i sure cant afford to screw that up. But not removing it will affect the way i talk too.

And looking at forums on the extraction of wisdom tooth, prices seem to range from $500-700 per tooth. And that's a little bit crazy. Should've removed mine while i was still in the army but that's long gone.

Well i hope I'll be able to sleep away the pain.... till the exams are over.

The timing is just so so wrong.... ouch!

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TheHoopoe said...

it is gonna get more painful and may cause greater complications if let be, and you cannot concentrate on your work/studies ... so better go and get it out.