Monday, October 13, 2008

First persuasive speech...

6 years ago, a local actress by the name of AndREa started taking a diet pill named Slim 10, ALL BECAUSE her weight increased slightly above 48kilos. Two months later, she was near death, unconscious in a local hospital. Doctors suspected that an ingredient in the slimming pill had ravaged her liver, which had all but shut down.
6 years ago, a friend of mine by the name of Ally also wanted to lose weight in order to get out of the TAF club- a club where all overweight students have to be in until they get their weight down to a healthy level. Ally was THIS close to buying Slim 10 after seeing so many ads about it in the papers and on TV. Lucky for him, unlike Andrea, Ally didn’t and is well and alive.
It is generally assumed that being thin is being beautiful and being slim is being healthy. And MANY have this misconception that one of the “quickest” and “easiest” way to lose weight is by taking slimming pills. I would like to alert all of you TO SAY NO TO SLIMMING PILLS. I say again, SAY NO TO SLIMMING PILLS. Keep this in mind. If you know of anyone who consumes slimming pills, tell them to SAY NO.
Tell them they are doing MORE HARM than good to their health.
People should avoid slimming pills due to extreme health risk and adverse side effects.
i. Cause diabetes
ii. high blood pressure,
iii. heart attack,
iv. heart failure,
v. stroke
vi. anxiety
vii. nervousness,
viii. insomnia
ix. hyperactivity,
x. digestive problems like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
xi. fever,
xii. headaches,
xiii. dizziness,
xiv. hair loss,
If you cannot remember all these side effects, Just remember TO SAY NO TO SLIMMING pills because you don’t want to lose your hair!

Exercise, eat healthy – eat more fruits, more vegetables, less fast food, less fatty food, less soft drink. There are so MANY other SAFER and MORE effective ways to lose weight. Just say NO to slimming pills.
Thank you.

Ive got only 3 minutes and this one falls just above 2 and a half. 3 mins speech took me more than 3 hours to prepare -- the thinking, the planning, the writing, the editting, the re-editting and u get a first draft. And then there's rehearsal and more editting......

I wonder who prepares the PM's speech each National day rally.....

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