Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ice breaker

Second speech. Hoping to get the hang of writing one. This one's almost 5minutes 30 seconds and ive got 30 seconds to spare. Basically, it's suppose to be about me. Ive gotta present it tomorrow and ive just finished writing it. Didnt have time for much editing. But it being the first, im sure it's ok.

Its been a while since i last written. Time doesnt seem to permit. Or maybe it's because i always fall asleep earlier than usual. Till next time....

My name is Ali Marzuki. You can call me either Ali or Marzuki. Most of my school friends call me Ali because I have always introduced myself as Ali. I know that people will remember it better. This is the first time I’ve introduced myself as Ali Marzuki to my school friends.

Marzuki is the name I’m more used to as that’s the name my family calls me by. U can try calling my home now and ask for Ali. Should my grandma picks it up, she would tell u that there’s no one by the name of Ali living in the house. And that’s provided u asked her in Malay – or Javanese.

And no it’s not Japanese, it’s Javanese… with a V. I have been told once in a while that Marzuki sounds cool coz it sounds Japanese. Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ali Marzuki … U get I mean. Though it may be cool to be jap, I’m not. I’m Malay - born and raised in Singapore.

According to my mum, there was a doctor in the hospital where I was to be delivered. He goes by the name of Dr Marzuki and it’s obvious to me that my mum wanted me to become a doctor. However, I never liked my chemistry nor am I really into dissecting frogs nor rabbits -- so Biology is definitely a no no for me. Still, I did make it into university and I know I have already made my mum pretty happy.

As you can tell, I’m pretty close to my mum. I’m the first of 4 children and that’s probably the reason why. She really had a huge influence on me and I actually feel like a carbon copy of her.

She hates butter and milk , cheese and mayo and so do I. Of course I did try them before and I definitely do not like them one bit.

I remember her not liking to watch shows like star trek or star wars because she doesn’t like the idea of people dressing up as some ugly and deformed aliens or scary hairy monsters. And I guess I kind of followed in her foot steps. However, I must clarify that it is not the reason why im dressed like this tonight. You guys should know that I’m actually dressed as a werewolf. It’s just that there not going to be a full moon tonight.

My mother also doesn’t like the idea of spending money on unnecessary items like going to the movies, buying toys and stuffs like that. Just a secret between you and me, though I’ve told her I’m in toastmasters, I’ve never mentioned having to pay a small fee for it.

She’s really into the idea of saving for a rainy day but I’m glad that she is, for the rainy day had came.

It was two years ago, Father’s day. Rain wasn’t falling that Sunday morning but tears were. My dad left this world for another. I was only a few months into my National Service. I was at a lost. I did not know what to expect. Nor did I know what I should do.

All I know I had to start thinking and acting more like an adult, less like a kid. I was still 18 and I was far from ready to be a father. I even remember feeling unhappy that I had to put on hold my plans of getting braces for my teeth and getting a driving license but I just knew I had to. For I had no choice. I also knew I’ve got to make lots of sacrifices from then on.

I almost signed on as a specialist in the Army. At that time, it seemed like the best solution to my problems. I almost wanted to forget about going to the Uni as I was afraid it would be a burden on my family financially.

But despite all these irrational thoughts, I managed to convince myself that with a better education, I could better support my family. I knew I had to think long term. And that’s the reason why I’m standing here today.

Fellow friends,

My life has always been revolving two things -- family and school. I am very much aware that this translates to no life at all. I’ve given it much thought and had found a solution. Toastmasters –- a club where I’ll learn new things and make new friends.

Thank you for your time. I hope I’ve given u a glimpse of the person I am. And I wish you all the best for the coming exams.

Thank you.


farhanah said...

Hahah,now that u mentioned it. I realise marzuki does sound jap. I didnt like think of it before.

And nice speech. :))

I just dont know ur gonna deliver the jokes since ur face will be straight and ur tone will be ur usual tone. Hehe.

All the best zuki. HAHA.

marzuki said...

Funny u mentioned the jokes. In the midst of writing it, I didnt see it as a joke. So my tone was my usual one, and my face, as straight as ever.

They found me humorous! Looks like i gotta improve my style a lil bit.

hijanah said...


very very very very nice speech=)


good job mannn

Anonymous said...

Masya Allah bro, Kak Murni really like your style of writing...its very you..straight from the heart, subtle and dry humour and very sincere..certain parts of your speech, i laughed out loud while at another part, i was teary...lovely speech my dear brother..i truly enjoyed it...Kudos for signing up for Toastmasters...i also did that some years back...and I am confident u will be able to vary your tone of voice, body language, facial expressions when u are trained further...what i found hopeful for my presentation is to videotape myself...Congrats again bro!!!!

Anonymous said...

ali, its actually "found myself at a LOSS." if im not wrong.

anws, nicee. and take care. main bola ye?