Saturday, October 11, 2008

Panic studying..

The final stretch of first semester and i'm preparing for the sprint. Only now i realize that it's good to have the right people around you who inspire and motivate to work harder. There are those who will occasionally ask little things like how you are coping and encourage you to work hard. And there are also those who need not say anything as their very presence and actions say it all.

There's simply this tendency to wait for everyone to start panicking before one really go full steam ahead. One simple has got to realise that there's really no point waiting. It all depends on one's engine -- if it's not as powerful as the ones made in China or India, one simply gotta start the sprint earlier.

And the library is indeed a conducive place to study. That's the place where one will find the motivation to study. And yes, it's also a good place to socialize and meet people. Someone caught my eye too! Hoping that our path will somehow cross..... haha...

Anyways, I also realise that Ive got to always remember my responsibility to those around me. To not be selfish when it comes to sharing what I know. That's the only point i remember from the khutbah yesterday. Everything really comes from Him. My ability to grasp computing concepts with ease really isnt my doing. And i fear that should i hide my knowledge from others, I might lose it all some day.

Also, the next most enjoyable part about school, after studying, is making new friends as the days go by!! Starting to see why some of those i know are ever so wiling to trade places with me. Think about it and start enjoying the 4 years.