Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scenic poetic humour

Today marks the end of official Effective Communication lessons. I really find it a good platform in my journey to try become an effective communicator.

Fitted in the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle this morning. I spent a couple of hours yesterday editing and re-editing and rehearsing my final assignment -- the 3 minutes "Say no to slimming products" speech. And i'm pretty glad having breezed through it without much pauses. However, despite feeling confident practicing by myself in my room and on the train to school, the heart still beats thrice it's normal rate while I wait for my turn.

Observing some speakers while waiting for my turn, I find that reasonable time and effort must be put in while preparing one's script. Only then will one be able to step up confidently and share one's hard work with the rest of the class. As a member of the audience, i want every speaker that steps up to do well -- and that's provided he or she is well prepared. And I realize that i am one of those who is not a fan of those who do not seem to care about their speech. Speakers should know that members of the audience can tell whether due time and effort had been put into the speech.

I'll use this speech as the backbone for my Project 2: "Organize Your Speech." This speech has to be between 5 to 7 minutes, which means that I'll now have the opportunity to add some depth into my speech. I've heard the word "humourous" after giving my 2 speeches. So it seems to me that humour will always be part of the way i write. Still finding it hard to associate Ali and Humor as one.

And i remembered someone approached me after my P1 speech and asked,"You spent quite a lot of time on your speech, didnt you?" And when i said i did spend a fair bit of time on it and asked how he could tell, he said that he finds my speech poetic -- reminding me of the phrase "scenic and poetic" which i had read somewhere, sometime back.

I'll keep in mind these two words the next time i write: poetic humour. Sounds like a new genre altogether. In time, it'll be scenic poetic humour :)


TheHoopoe said...

this picture looks familiar :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there...
Such interesting views you have going on ure posts. I sense sadness and a boulder, upon those young shoulders, though... Anyhows, heres wishing you success in ure journey. u'll be in my prayers.

marzuki said...

hey there me,
Thanks for the wishes. Now that uve mentioned it, I realise that there's always a sprinkle of sadness in most of my posts.

There's a boulder upon everyone's shoulders. It's just a matter of when one starts to feel its true weight.

And though my shoulders may be young,they are getting stronger. =)

My best wishes to u too!

farhanah said...

from my tagboard: "fanah.Shudnt try so hard 2 sound cheem"

Heheh. Explain sikit. Cheem about what?

Eh,time kemkembara,deliver to us one of ur speeches. Hehe. We can critic and u can improve!