Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Last Minute

I looked at him and asked a meaningless question. I asked what he thought could be the reason why the family of six suddenly cancelled their dinner booking.

His reply was: Death in the family.

Somehow, in my dream, I knew death was the reason why that family cancelled on dinner - one of the six had passed on. But Dad didn't. Out of curiosity, I asked him why death was the first reason that came to his mind. Of all the reasons that one can come up with to cancel a dinner booking, why did Dad mention death.

His simple reply: Guess why?

I gave it some thought. The phone rang, but I ignored. After several rings, I was told me to answer the phone up. He told me he'll wait for me. But the moment I opened my eyes, I realized I had fallen asleep too early - I was supposed to rest my eyes for 5 minutes. ONLY.

I killed the alarm on my phone. Prayed Fajr. Prepares for Structures 1 at 1PM.

... Guess why. Guess who.

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