Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Discovery and realizations

The last significant exam related entry was the one written 39 days ago. 38 have passed. I spent the whole of today at home feeding myself everything else that I need to understand and remember for tomorrow's paper. Less distractions for there's now one less reason to Facebook.

Funny I was able to sit at my table and just feed myself with information and understanding it. Heun's, midpoint and Runge Kutta's method never made sense until today. A little too late, I know, but life is about discovery and realizations.

Today I realize that when one manages to remain calm amidst the pressure, one becomes more focussed and determined. The mind stops rejecting information. The mind opens itself up and wants to understand. The voice that used to scream I CANT UNDERSTAND MATHS now whispers words of encouragement.

39 days ago, I wanted to study and catch up. I started. Procrastinated. Until there was pressure. It's all in the mind. I think I need to understand how the mind works. 3 weeks and we'll be through.


Joemill said...

You're right, procrastination is blameworthy with all the pressure! I guess I'm all used to it especially at work, thanks anyway to school that made me better at handling pressure. Do time management and study in advance and all will serve you well. :)

marzuki said...

Easier said than done huh? Haha. I'm trying to get the hang of studying in advance though. For some reason, the mind opens only when the semester's ending. Hope all is well on your side. Thanks. (: