Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Moon

I wonder what's wrong with guys being nice to other guys.

Bromance? Man-love? Oh cmon! Are guys supposed to be all nice and lovely ONLY to girls while girls are always nice and lovely to their girl friends? Are we supposed to be manly and macho and whatever else that a guy must be? Are we supposed to be vulgar and angsty and spit on the floor and dig our noses and burp out loud and hate it when people "Become a fan of" something on Facebook? (Ok maybe not the "Become a fan of" part... haha. Main-main je.)

I think if a guy can do so much for his other guy friends, he'll do much much more for a girl. To quote from The Kite Runner, "For you, a thousand times over." And to quote a dreamer, "If the moon is what she wants, then the moon is what she'll get."

Cut me some slack. I've got exams to ace.

He tries. It's darn hard, he knows. He knows that to ace is asking for too much. But he tries.

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