Friday, April 2, 2010

The Talk Part 1

Today was the last of three sessions but the first that I attended.

A question was asked on how an only son who's recently experienced the loss of his father balances his duty as the head of his family as well as his role as a student. I looked around the guys around me to guess who that guy might be, but to no avail. Guys hide feelings and emotions pretty well. I can only imagine how lost the guy must be feeling right now.

I'm assuming you're close to your mother. And if you are, then fret not. If you aren't perhaps it's about time you should.Your mother, of all people, knows that your priority lies in your school. So please do give your all in your studies. However, do remember that your mother lost her soulmate, her comforter, her listener. So if you come back home after a long day in school one day, and she begins to ask you about school, or talk to you about the attitude of your siblings, about the children of her friends and stuffs that mothers always talk about, listen and talk to her like you would with your girlfriend.

Talk to her enough and you'll see that she'll do whatever it takes to see the family through, at least until you graduate. And when you do graduate insyaallah, please remember to return the favour. Please do not get too caught up with the idea of starting a family of your own too soon. Mothers may say they understand your decision to marry but believe me when I say, they understand and accept that decision of yours - BUT with a very very heavy heart.

Make dua. Ask for guidance. Have patience. Insyaallah, things will fall in place nicely.

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